Special Effect Lights is specialized in creating unique and sustainable light components attached to various types of drinking glasses. The product is triggered by the music of the DJ, resulting in special enlightened effects. As the vibrancy of the music gets more intense, so will our drinking glasses. 

We aim to bring your event to another level by connecting light, music and ambiance into one glass.


Niels Koster

Born and raised in a city near Amsterdam and was trained to work in the catering industry. But he felt more passion in starting for himself. As such, it was his dream that has led to the patented drinking glasses and products of S.E.L.

“I literally dreamed I was in a club with a glass in my hand which illuminated on the beat of the music.” 


Michèl Verëll

After being friends for several years, Michèl Verëll joined in building the product. Beforehand, he was always very engaged and formed a helping hand in the process. In that vein they started a partnership until the present day. 

Michèl has his background in finance by being graduated for his master Real Estate Finance at the University of Amsterdam.